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Locating Silver Lake
Zelda as: Ella
Genre: Drama
Status: Completed
Release: 29 September 2017 (USA)
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Upon graduating college, a brokenhearted aspiring writer, without a dime or connections, packs his bags and heads to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding a new beginning. He quickly gets immersed into two very different worlds – one young, provocative and alluring, the other rooted in diversity, community and loyalty – both with their own unique appeals, advantages and dangers. Through his new experiences, he realizes who he is and where he belongs.


starring conor leslie


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Zelda is a huge supporter of charity. Below is a list of charities she supports, taken from her tumblr

Human Rights Watchhttp://www.hrw.org 

An organization dedicated to defending the basic human rights of people worldwide thru humanitarian law. They do not accept government funds or support from any one private fund that could compromise objectivity, instead maintaining their independence and neutrality. Their only goal is improvement in the ethical treatment of human beings and the exposure of human rights violations. They investigate abuses and release the facts widely in order to inform, incite change and pressure those in power to secure justice and improve the rights of those in need.


WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade that is drastically reducing many wildlife populations around the world. Every year, it’s estimated that 10 billion dollars in illegally poached animal goods such as ivory and pelts are traded, something the organization hopes to stop via reducing the demand and increasing public awareness. They also provide comprehensive marine protection. WildAid’s message is simple: when the buying stops, the killing can too.

American Foundation for Suicide Preventionhttp://www.afsp.org

The AFSP funds research, creates educational programs, advocates for public policy changes and supports the survivors of suicide loss. Working  to help those in need as well as the survivors of those already gone, they hope to raise awareness, offer treatment programs and prevent further losses.

City of Joyhttp://drc.vday.org/splash/

A joint project of Foundation Panzi (DRC) and V-day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery, the City of Joy was created in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Bukavu to help the female sufferers of violence there. Conceived, owned, and run by local Congolese, the City of Joy has flourished since it first opened its doors in June 2011, healing women from their past trauma through medical attention, therapy and the teaching of life skills while providing them with the essential ingredients needed to move forward – love and community. Serving 90 survivors of gender violence aged 18 to 30 at a time, in six years the City of Joy will graduate over 1,000 future female leaders to make active change in the surrounding communities moving forward.

Semper Fi Fundhttps://semperfifund.org/

The Semper Fi Fund, and its program America’s Fund, provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post 9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the US armed forces and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need during their recoveries and transitions back to their communities. Started by a group of Marine Corps spouses a decade ago, they provide financial, emotional and tiered support for injured/ill service members suffering from severe injuries both physical and mental through adaptive housing, adaptive transportation, specialized equipment, education and career transitioning, rehabilitative programs and more. They also help the spouses and children of active duty service members who face life threatening illness or injury.

International Justice Mission:  https://www.ijm.org

The IJM are a worldwide charity focused on protecting the people whose public justice systems – their police, courts and laws – are so broken, corrupt and dysfunctional that there is nothing to shield them from violence. They work to prevent sex trafficking, sexual violence, police brutality, property grabbing and citizens rights abuses by rescuing victims, bringing the criminals to justice, restoring survivors to strength, and finally, helping local law enforcement learn how to build a safer future that lasts. More than just rescuing individuals however, they’re also focused on helping prevent violence BEFORE it starts.

Heart to Heart International: http://www.hearttoheart.org/

Heart to Heart International’s Global mission is to create a healthier world. They do that through humanitarian initiatives that connect people and resources to those in need of them. Every year, they impact the lives of millions of people in more than 60 countries, including the United States, by providing supplies and services to agencies serving the poor and needy. This includes the homeless, victims of violence and abuse, the elderly, and the medically destitute.